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Barbara Wright-Avlitis, Global Head of Leadership ING

Barbara WrightBarbara is Global Head of Leadership, Development & Training at the ING Wholesale Bank. A Californian now living in the Netherlands, she actually started her career in the coroner’s office, left to take a job in sales for 3M, which took her into the Middle East and Eastern Europe. In 2001 she moved to one of the world’s largest banks, ING, to head a project on building a performance culture before ending up in her current role. In this interview, we get to hear how this diverse background has contributed to making Great Work flourish at ING.

Listen to the interview with Barbara Wright-Avlitis.

0:16 Michael introduces Barbara Wright-Avlitis

3:03 Being an unwilling participant in her own career and how “going with the flow” helped her find her Great Work

6:06 How moving to the Middle East was a Great Work

9:03 There’s no such thing as being stuck!

14:30 Staying focused on Great Work – what gets in the way and how to manage that

23:19 How to find out more about ING and Barbara Wright-Avlitis

24:08 Michael closes the interview

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