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David Allen, Getting Things Done

David Allen, Getting Things Done

David Allen, author of Getting Things DoneDavid Allen wears the title “business guru” lightly. He’s well known around the world for his first book Getting Things Done (recently acclaimed one of the top 100 business books) and for his most recent Making it All Work. But while he heads the GTD movement (and you can Google that to see how deep and wide it goes), David does it was a sense of humour, a humility and a wisdom that is a delight. I have the pleasure of being David’s “creativity coach” on his membership site, and this interview is the latest in our on-going conversation on Great Work, productivity and doing the stuff that matters.

Listen to the interview with David Allen.

0:16    Michael introduces David Allen
0:40    David’s books Getting Things Done, Ready For Anything, Making It All Work
2:16    David’s Great Work writing his first book – how the people around us can see our potential sometimes better than we can
7:00    The challenge of having to say no
15:44   Getting the right work done with the least effort
17:47   Creating the time and space to think
19:46   Finding your great work
21:12   How to find out more about David Allen
21:29   Michael closes the interview with David Allen

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