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Guy Kawasaki, Alltop

Guy KawasakiGuy Kawasaki says he found fame 25 years ago when he became the public advocate for the Apple Mac… and he’s been coasting ever since. That’s a little disingenuous. Guy Kawasaki is a prolific author (his Art of the Start is a classic), heads up Garage Technology Ventures, and has recently launched Alltop, a new way of managing information on the web (think the best ever magazine store). In this interview we talk about the importance of being a grinder, why you should “engage people who are seemingly not perfect” and the three motivations to do more Great Work.

Listen to the interview with Guy Kawasaki.

0:16    Michael introduces Guy Kawasaki
0:40    Guy’s books Reality Check, Art of the Start, Rules for Revolutionaries
9:33    The importance of being a grinder
17:51   Why you should “engage people who are seemingly not perfect”
20:29   The three motivations to do more Great Work
21:53   How to find out more about Guy Kawasaki
22:18   Michael closes the interview

You can follow Guy on Twitter @GuyKawasaki or visit Guy’s official website, Guy Kawasaki for his latest projects. There’s even a Wikipedia page on Guy.

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