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What trumps innovation?

What trumps innovation?

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Or so claims Umair Haque in this interesting piece, The Awesomeness Manifesto.

A similar point is being made, if much more bluntly, by Hugh MacLeod in this rude-word-included cartoon.

I like the stand they’re taking. I spent many years working in an innovation consultancy myself, and still work with organizations on innovation within the bigger game of Great Work. And somehow, innovation has tipped towards becoming a safe, bland process – typically with somewhat bland, ho-hum results.

Striving for awesomeness? Yes please. But it comes with a caveat.

It’s a great metric, but only for the work that really matters. To do some work at Awesome means you have to decide what other work you’re going to do at Adequate. Trying to do everything Awesomely just melts your brain.

Roll up, roll up and make your choice, folks.

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