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A clue to where to find your Great Work

A clue to where to find your Great Work

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magnifying glassPenelope Trunk’s a fascinting woman, fearless about putting out pretty much everything and anything about her life and her company Brazen Careerist, the definitive site for young people at work. (She recently caused a flurry of back and forth after twittering she was having a miscarriage at work.)

For those of us looking for clues about our Great Work, this post is a beauty. It’s nominally about being in sales, but it’s really about finding the path for you. If nothing else, read the last paragraph. It’s on the money.

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  • Trisha

    She may be a fearless women but this would seem a bit out of the ordinary. I am not saying that this is necessarily bad but it may be crossing a line with some women who’ve had miscarriages. It’s a traumatic experience.

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