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“Allow the gods of f*@k-up to bless us” (Great Work quote)

“Allow the gods of f*@k-up to bless us” (Great Work quote)

Allow the gods of f*@k-up to bless us.”
~ Mark Bowden

I’ve spent two weeks on the road with my colleague, friend and best-selling author Mark Bowden. It’s been a lot of fun, and over breakfasts and dinners we’ve chatted about all sorts of things. He’s a great storyteller, and with his long history in the theatre he’s got some great stories to tell. (If you ever meet him, ask him about Toya Wilcox and Prince Edward and him in a cab.)

Talking about comedy, he threw away this line which I reached in and pulled back from conversational oblivion. His point? It’s when it all goes wrong that true comedy, true versatility, true grit starts to show.

I love this quote. How about you?

(I was going to put in a YouTube clip of painful falls. But quite frankly, it was too painful. I’m sure you can find the pictures and videos you need to make the point…)

4 Responses to “Allow the gods of f*@k-up to bless us” (Great Work quote)

  • Radim

    Great shorcut in this sentence. I fully agree with it. Sometimes the only thing that keeps me moving is to overcome the hard part.

    The “known old one”: In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein


  • Nancy

    Love this one! And STILL loving the punk post!

    I love the different vibe – rather than thinking too businessy and hard and dissecting words 🙂 Sometimes the right vibe is all we need to unwittingly do our Great Work.

  • Sanford

    So true, so true. If everything’s going well, you’re not shaking things up and you are not learning.

  • jen

    YES! the god of fu%k up teaches well – and if you don’t listen, if you don’t pause and wonder how you might review and rework – then its off to ground hog day for you… : )

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