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Peggy McColl’s Viral Explosion

Peggy McColl’s Viral Explosion

51lLw6xlhuL._SL500_AA300_Today’s the launch date of Peggy McColl’s new book, Viral Explosions! I’ve read it, and you’ll find it useful if you want a plan to get known on the internet. Obviously you still need to put in the work, create something cool and work hard. But you can do all of that and not have a plan and fail dismally if you don’t have the kind of plan you’ll find in this book.

So if you want to buy a copy and pick up a boat load of bonuses (actually, more bonuses than you could ever possibly use) then head here:

If you’d like to just check it out on Amazon, then this is the link you want.

And if you’d like to hear my interview with Peggy, then scoot on over here and have a listen.

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