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Wide-ranging interview with Michael Bungay Stanier

OK, it’s something of a rough start to this interview with Randall Craig on I get hopelessly entangled in my own opening line, and I seem to be rubbing my hands together like I’m plotting something dastardly. But it gets better once we get going…

3 Responses to Wide-ranging interview with Michael Bungay Stanier

  • Nancy

    It took me all day to finish watching this, pausing here and there between calls and emails. It was fab, worth every pause!

    It’s Michael in a Box! Wow.

    Randall asked thoughtful questions, I was surprised, that’s a skill 🙂 He didn’t ask any BS questions.

    Randall asked a great question about your booklist. I learn so much from people’s book selections.

    And the interview had a nice non-businessy ending.

    This guy took the interview in the right direction and kept it moving throughout. There is no BS in this interview at all, no fat!

  • Simon

    Great interview Michael!

    You’ve just inspired me to start making some choices on the issue I’m stuck with and to start generating some forward motion. What is it about human nature that allows us to keep ignoring what we know will give us the most growth? Is it the feel of failure, the inability to get out of our comfort zone?

    I’m currently in the final year of my English Degree and keep finding myself stuck with writer’s block, or rather the problem of believing I have nothing of value to say when writing an essay. Even though I’ve bought your book “Get Unstuck & Get Going” and know what it is I need to do, I still choose not to.

    Your interview was just what I needed and I’m going to take a step forward, not back and start seeing that there are many choices, not just one.

    Thanks Michael and keep up the Great Work.

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