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A plunge into 2011 (and a request for help)

A plunge into 2011 (and a request for help)

How did you spend January 1?

Me, I went swimming.

In a very very very cold lake.

It’s all in a good cause – to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. And before I took the plunge, I spent a moment to make the connection with doing more Great Work.

Watch this short video to hear four factors of doing Great Work – and to see me go jump in the lake.

The lines, as they say, are still open. If you’d like to throw five, ten, twenty, one hundred dollars towards the cause, I’d be most grateful. You can donate here:

=>Donate to Habitat for Humanity <=

Some photographic evidence to support the video

Arriving at the beach
Waiting for the plunge
Must. Keep. Moving.
In. And out again as fast as I can.
I'm alive!

2 Responses to A plunge into 2011 (and a request for help)

  • Norm

    Michael That 1st pic or at least the one starting the video looks like you are seriously wasted… the plunge seems to have brought back your smiley face… love the hat, the pom poms, and the Great Work you did and do Blessings to you

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