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David Taylor, The Naked Leader

Meet David Taylor, the Naked Leader. About six years ago, David’s book The Naked Leader was published in the UK and a friend emailed me and said I had to get a hold of it. I did, and I’ve been following David’s work with enthusiasm ever since.
David is a deeply accomplished speaker (he’s spoken to about half a million people now), and he’s the winner of the European Business Speaker award. His company Naked Leader is focused on authenticity and getting people to do Great Work by being themselves, and returning to the strengths they had on the day they were born.

In this interview we talk about:

  • An audience member who told David his answer was rubbish in front of 1,000 people, and what he learned from that
  • Getting beyond the state of being ‘comfortably uncomfortable’
  • The secret to being free of regrets at the end of your life
  • Contentment and enjoying the present moment (which our wives seem to be better at than we are)
  • The #1 message that David wants the whole world to know, and why he won’t rest until the message is out there

David’s website is and you can buy his books The Naked Leader, The Naked Leader Experience and The Naked Coach on Amazon.

Listen to my interview with David Taylor.

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