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Jenny Blake, Life After College

Jenny Blake, Life After College

I often think, there should be a book for people who get out of college and look around and say, “What the hell just happened?”
The good news is, there is a brand new book called Life After College by Jenny Blake that’s a terrific collection of resources, tools and insights around navigating through those first few years after college.

Jenny is the career development program manager at Google. And she also co-manages the Authors at Google Series, for which I recently had the honor of speaking. She’s also a yoga teacher, personal development junkie and she loves cupcakes.

Today we talk about:

  • Learning to use physical cues (such as your energy level) to assess whether you’re doing meaningful Great Work
  • How she gets it all done: running life as a series of sprints and recoveries, not a marathon
  • Taking power away from your inner critics, like the schoolteacher and the drill sergeant

Learn more about Life After College at, read Jenny’s blog at and find her on Twitter @Jenny_Blake.

Listen to my interview with Jenny Blake

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