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Andreas Forsberg, Nokia

Andreas Forsberg, Nokia

Fun, failure and looking like a fool. What do these have to do with Great Work?
Andreas Forsberg, Head of Management and Leadership Development at Nokia, will tell you all about it. I met Andreas at the Organizational Development Network Conference where he and a colleague gave an inspiring presentation about renewing Nokia’s culture and values in a way that was democratic, inspiring and values-driven.
At Nokia, Andreas has run the gamut of the tasks and the thinking behind what it takes for people to be inspired by the place where they work. Something I really admire is that instead of following a top-down approach with management dictating a set of corporate values, it’s the employees at Nokia that create the company values.
In this interview, we talk about how Great Work (and fun!) flourishes at Nokia, and Andreas shares:

  • How to engage your team, instead of managing them to death
  • His favorite humdinger interview question, which often leads to blank stares
  • Bringing innovation to life within your organization (hint: you’re not allowed to take yourself too seriously, and you might have to learn to fail in order to succeed)

Listen to my interview with Andreas Forsberg.

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