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Rafe Furst, Angel Investor

Rafe Furst, Angel Investor

My guest today is Rafe Furst, whom I met at TEDActive in Palm Springs.
Rafe stood up at TED and put something very interesting to the group. He said, “Look, I’m an angel investor. So I’ve got a lot of experience in investing in people’s ideas and technology. But what about this as an idea: what if you invested not in an idea or a thing, but in a person? What if I said I’d give you $300,000 to grow your career and make an impact? And what you will give me is three percent of your gross income for life?”
Rafe is a professional poker player. He is an angel investor. He is a cancer awareness advocate. He really is a man of many talents, and during our conversation we discuss:

  • What the World Series of Poker can teach us about angel investing
  • Trust, mentorship and motivation – the new dynamic that arises when you invest in a person instead of an idea
  • How drinking beer in an RV with a buddy led to Rafe’s involvement in cancer research

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Listen to my interview with Rafe Furst.

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