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Rich Tosi, The Mankind Project

Rich Tosi, The Mankind Project

Rich Tosi is one of the founders of the Mankind Project, which helps men figure out how to live a full life. Over the past 20 years, tens of thousands of men have gone through this training (including me). The training is a wonderful call towards finding your great work and your contribution to the world.
As one of the three founders, Rich has changed and influenced a lot of men’s lives for the better. Rich has had a military career, and then a corporate career as an engineer at GM and he does couples work with his wife Char. So that’s a pretty full portfolio and he brings an interesting perspective to our conversation.

Rich and I discuss:

  • What happens when our culture and our families teach us that we’re not great
  • How you can trick people into seeing their own greatness
  • Finding the key to greatness when it’s been locked up and hidden away
  • Making relationships work: messy, muddy, meaningful and fun

Find out more about Mankind Project at and check out the website for couples workshops that Rich leads with Char at

Listen to my interview with Rich Tosi.

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  • Boysen Hodgson

    Michael – thank you for the interview – there’s a lot that I didn’t know about Rich here that is really cool! I only know him in the MKP context – and it was really neat to hear about his work at GM!

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