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How Uncertainty fuels success

How Uncertainty fuels success

I’m a lover of paradoxes. Some of the ones that seem to be waving and laughing at me right now are

  • I’m more connected and more lonely than ever
  • How do I slow down so I can speed up
  • I control almost nothing but I’m fully responsible for my life

Paradox is at the heart of Jonathan Fields’ excellent new book, Uncertainty.

On the on hand, life feels more uncertain and complex than ever. Above and beyond the usual mysteries of life, we’re

  • Moving so fast we’re missing details
  • Gripped by overwhelm
  • Connected to more people than we can possibly know: matrixed and linked up the wazoo

Uncertainty means discomfort, a discomfort that registers at the most basic neurologial levels. So we do what we can to rush to closure, tidy things up, keep a tight grip and push forward to certainty as fast as we can.

Which – cue paradox – doesn’t always serve us. There’s a place for certainty, but there’s a deep truth that the longer you can sit in uncertainty, the more possibilities (and I believe the more success) can show up.

In this book, you’ll not only get to grips with the importance of uncertainty in fueling brilliance, but you’ll get a ton of practical strategies and tactics – based on both qualitative and quantitative research – on the ways and means you can successfully surf this particular wave.

Worth picking up.

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