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One Response to The secret shortcut to expertise.

  • Jess Mickelson - "The Traction Dr."

    Taking a shortcut to becoming an expert? It may not take long to become an expert at brushing your teeth. That doesn’t make you a dentist. Yet you could conceivably invent a new clothing item or accessory that works out to be far more trendy and profitable than the entire line of a practiced fashion designer.

    Some assume that expertise can only be proven by the degree on the wall yet there are many mail-order degree programs that fall woefully short. Others earn a degree through cheating in school and only appear to be experts.

    Many read hundreds of books and master the information better than anyone on the planet but still get shot down for jobs or credibility when compared to degree heavy competitors. Employers that don’t allow for alternate education channels and/or practical experience to occasionally trump over degree bearing job seekers may lose out on the best candidates for a position.

    Here are 6 things experts habitually do to set themselves apart:

    1 – They look for what is missing, inefficient, inferior or sloppy. This allows them to bring new combinations of creativity and invention that didn’t exist before.
    2 – They study relentlessly. No amount of education is enough. They are especially interested in becoming an absolute specialist in their area of expertise.
    3 – They work on themselves. They could never be satisfied with stagnation. They are as concerned with improving their character as they are with building their base of skill and knowledge.
    4 – They align themselves with other experts, yet they aren’t afraid to take a stand that is very different from them when enough evidence would suggest a better path.
    5 – They write like their career depended on it. Excellent writing has always been at the heart of nearly every successful expert. It may be possible to excel without writing – it’s just a lot more difficult that way.
    6 – They always tell what they best understand to be the truth.

    Expertise quote: “False experts quickly crash and burn while integrity guided experts effortlessly rise to the top with their unassailable reputation leading the way.” – Jess Mickelson “The Traction Dr.”

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