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What are your key words for 2012?

What are your key words for 2012?

You may have seen in yesterday’s post on the three questions that matter a reference to Chris Brogan’s theme words of the year. (He’s just announced his 2012 words here.)

I really like this as an alternative to the much-maligned New Year’s Resolutions. Last year’s word for Box of Crayons (“ship shape”) really defined the year for us. Our key phrase for 2012? Deep Collaboration.

Here’s a 48 second movie that might help you think of some possibilities of your own…

(Yes, I know it’s technically “11 words for 2011″… but you’ll still find it useful to take a peek.)

5 Responses to What are your key words for 2012?

  • Cathy Presland

    I think mine’s going to be simplicity. Probably not for the whole year but it’s definitely the phase I’m in now. Connection is also big for me.


  • Matt Coleman

    I love that you are sharing this. It’s something I decided to do a week or so ago and I have come up with the following:


    and I am working on experiencing these daily! It’s been a VERY interesting week!!!

    Thanks again,


  • Michelle Rumney

    I chose mine just before Christmas in my 2011 (15 minute) review. It’s PLAY THE GAME… this year I want to have a much fun as possible working with people and helping them grow their businesses – and growing mine too.

    By playing the game, I mean using proven strategies, working smart and trusting my intuition… and building a great team. Most of all, getting out there and joining in.

    The question I’ll be asking myself every two weeks, as I duly follow my accountant’s advice and keep on top of the company finances is “What can I do to raise my game in the next fortnight? – in order to have more fun, play it more skillfully, and get better results – for my clients and for myself?”

    Curious to see how it all unfolds…

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