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Danielle LaPorte, The Fire Starter Sessions

Danielle LaPorte, The Fire Starter Sessions

Danielle LaPorte’s website has been called, “The best place online for kickass spirituality” and I am pumped to be speaking with her today. She’s about to release her new book The Fire Starter Sessions. I caught an early glimpse of this very powerful book. It’s all about how to live an authentic, damn good life and make an impact.

In this interview, we chat about “wide awake living”:

  • Being your true self – the most effective formula for success there is – and why it’s so hard to do
  • The “revelation of suckage” and how getting in touch with your pain can bring about clarity and change
  • Why you don’t need trauma to grow and how you can become aware of subtle nudges instead of getting hit by 2x4s
  • Loving your fears and letting them be your teacher
  • How to increase the odds of enjoying what you get when you get it

Check out Danielle’s site at and follow here @DanielleLaPorte.

Listen to my interview with Danielle LaPorte.





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