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4 Responses to Why Courage is the Most Essential Virtue

  • Ian


    What I liked:

    1. Use of crayons
    2. References to the 4 books: you got War of Art around the wrong way.
    3. The encouragement to say No and get into action mode.
    4. The fact it’s a short clip.

    What I wasn’t too wowed by:

    1. I think you spoke too fast, it sounded like you were racing.
    2. Too many anecdotes at beginning. Use 1 to relate to courage and perhaps an “everyday person” example.

  • Sue Skelton

    Video clips are no use to me as my internet connection is very slow. I persevered as far as the pack of cards, but had already spent 5 minutes, as it stopped to buffer 7 or 8 times up to this point.

    It looked fun and interesting, but I hope you won’t stop doing the one-liners by email. I like receiving these.

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