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5 Strategies to Maximize your Potential From Teresa Amabile & Jonathan Fields

Today the good folk at 99U launch their second book, Maximizing Your Life: Grow Your Expertise, Take Bold Risks, and Build an Incredible Career.

I’m one of the contributors, and having just re-read it I must say I’m pretty happy with the piece I wrote on resilient relationships. I get right into the nitty-gritty about “social contracting”, a crucial process that helps you focus on the How of the relationship rather than the What.

There’s a lot of great contributors – I’m hanging out with a cool crowd here. Two of them in particular grabbed my eye. Jonathan Fields, author of Uncertainty and currently rocking his Good Life Project. And Teresa Amabile, psychologist, Harvard professor and author of the very fine Progress Principle.

Seizing the moment, I invited Jonathan and Teresa to get on the phone with me, and we had a really lovely 30 minute conversation riffing around what, exactly, it takes to maximize your potential.

We covered a lot in our call. Listen in to find out:

  • Jonathan’s “dirty little secret” about meditation
  • Just how small is small when we’re talking about celebrating progress
  • Insights from Seligman’s learned optimism

… and a good deal more.

Listen to my conversation with Teresa Amabile and Jonathan Fields

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