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The Great Work MBA Virtual Conference

The Great Work MBA Virtual Conference

One Virtual Conference. Five Days. 25 Fabulous Speakers. Completely Free.

For the last couple of months I’ve been beavering away at my first virtual conference, the Great Work MBA … and I really hope you’ll join us.

Stuck on the wall right next to my computer is a quote from Charles Eames, who said, “We want to make the best for the most for the least.” We’ve drunk that Koolaid at Box of Crayons, and I think the Great Work MBA is a perfect example.

Take a peek.

I’ve carefully curated a marvelous list of speakers, speakers I’d pay good money to see (and in many cases, have done). I’ve given them a “TED + 50%” time limit – 27 minutes – to share some really practical insights and strategies to help you do more Great Work.

Each speaker’s insights build on the ones before, and each of the five main days starts with a personal insight and finishes with a commitment to action.

See just how the conference is designed.

Here are the essential details:

  • November 10-15 at a screen near you: it’s virtual and it’s free.
  • 25 extraordinary speakers, ranging from TED superstars to New York Times best-selling authors, from Oscar winners to innovators in the non-profit field.
  • Each day has its own focus. Day 1’s theme is Grounding Yourself. Day 3’s is Connect to Purpose (and you can see the other themes).
  • Each talk is 27 minutes, and available for 24 hours.
  • There’s a bunch of things to help you engage with the learning and move from insight to action, from a team of Super Coaches to a daily debrief to three live calls.
  • And did I mention it’s virtual and it’s free?

Please do consider signing up and joining us. I’d be thrilled if you were there.

And if you like what you see, would you consider sharing it with some of your inner circle? That would be a win for them, for you and for me too.

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