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Twofer Tuesday: On Email Zero and Leaving Something Out

Twofer Tuesday: On Email Zero and Leaving Something Out

As always, here are two great tips originally shared in our LinkedIn group (details at the end on how to join us.) Hope these can be useful to you this week.

Two competing approaches to managing your inbox

Email. The burden of the modern manager. It’s an endless stream of … stuff. 

Wouldn’t it be great to really get on top of that? Sure it would.

But what does that mean? Working 12 hours a day to get to “inbox zero”? Or something else?

Here are two different approaches, each with some merit. One’s about getting it all done. The other’s about a more radical approach altogether.

Read: Kyle’s Updated Near Zero Inbox Recipe for Getting Things Done

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What can you leave out that will make all the difference?

Here’a fantastic story from Herbie Hancock, telling of a time he was playing with Miles Davies. Yes, that Herbie Hancock and that Miles Davies.

Herbie was complaining he felt a little stuck in a rut and Miles gave him some key advice: Don’t play the butter notes.


Here’s a good article plus a short video to explain what he meant.

And meantime let me ask you … what’s excess to requirements that you can strip away to change things up?

Read: Creativity, Collaboration, and the Power of Silence


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