My One Best Question

My One Best Question

5 Responses to My One Best Question, Episode 1

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  • Karen Wright

    Love the post, Michael! I’d add one additional characteristic to your list. Ask the question that has not yet been asked, and/or that is not the obvious one to ask. I’ve had revelations and shifts personally due to someone asking something other than the obvious or easy question, which means they were either thoughtful enough to have considered what might be the best question, or genuinely curious about getting deeper into the issue with me – either of which is a great place from which to formulate a useful question. Looking forward to the series!!

  • Gary Hosey

    Hi Michael, always great to watch your video short and hear shared wisdom, many thanks!

    Often the best question for my clients is,

    “what’s important for you right now”

    followed by the question “why is that?”

  • Tom Cadwallader

    Responding to your “How Do You Make the Question Count,” I would add two things. First be open to a surprise or the unexpected. It is a door to a shadowy area that needs your light. Trust the shadows. Second, PAUSE. Give time for the answer to percolate into your soul, the real you. Be mindful of what is happening to you as you receive the answer. The process can lead to a dance of extraordinary dimensions.

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