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Sebastian Bailey’s Five Essential Books for Achieving More by Thinking Differently

Sebastian Bailey’s Five Essential Books for Achieving More by Thinking Differently

Dr. Sebastian Bailey is the co-founder of one of the most interesting training companies in the world – Mind Gym-  as well as the author of Mind Gym: Achieve More by Thinking Differently. Mind Gym has helped transform the performance of 1200-plus companies and more than 1 million employees in at least 40 countries around the world. Dr. Bailey and co-founder Octavius Black have consulted with organizations such as Google, Sony, Accenture, Zurich Financial Services, J. Crew and New York Life.

All that to say that Dr. Sebastian Bailey knows a thing or two about behavioural change. Here are his five essential books for achieving more by thinking differently.

Book 1: Solving Tough Problems
by Adam Kahane
Elegant writing that introduces a method to get people to connect and imagine their future, who barely want to talk. Refreshingly, it is full of lessons from failed attempts. Worth reading for the story of South Africa’s transition alone.

Book 2: The Relationship Cure
by John Gottman
Gottman tears down most of received wisdom about what makes deep, enduring relationships work (e.g. Active listening doesn’t help in conflicts) to focus on an evidence-based, effective core. Famously developed a method to predict divorce with 90% accuracy.

Book 3: Learned Optimism
by Martin Seligman
Perhaps the book and the thinking that started the discipline of positive psychology. Whilst there has been much discussion of optimism and pessimism since its publication, the advice stands the test of time.

Book 4: Change for Good
by James Prochaska
There are as many change models as there are change practitioners. Prochaska pulls the models/theories/stages together and rigorously tests them. The key insight is that so much of change is about up-front engagement with a new habit, but most people fail because they put their energy into sustaining something they’re not committed to.

Book 5: Mindfulness
by Ellen Langer
The book that created momentum in the mindfulness movement. Chock full of great stories, experiments and insights on the perils of mindlessness and the benefits and routes to mindfulness.

About Sebastian Bailey

sebastian_baileySebastian Bailey, Ph.D., is an international best-selling author and Co-founder and President of Mind Gym, a corporate learning company that works with over 50% of the S&P100 on their most challenging people performance issues. Sebastian’s latest book is Mind Gym: Achieve More by Thinking Differently.

Connect with Sebastian

Twitter: @DrSebBailey

Twitter: @TheMindGym

Facebook: The Mind Gym

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