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What are you building?

September 8, 2008

TED — it stands for Technology Entertainment Design — is a constant source of inspiration for me. I try and watch one of the short movies every day, and this one is a perfect example. In less than five minutes,

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Underwork it for the breakthrough

September 5, 2008

Browsing in a magazine store the other day, I picked up one of those generic men’s magazines.  You know the type:  a guy with unnaturally white teeth and a six pack on the cover — together with promises of gadgets,

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“This is it. If I take one more step…”

September 4, 2008

… it will be the farthest away from home I’ve ever been.” I’ve been rewatching one of my favourite movies, Lord of the Rings. How Peter Jackson managed to create these movies, to walk the finest of lines between honouring

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Do one thing really really well

September 3, 2008

Steam Whistle is a local Toronto brewer and they make a particularly fine pilsner – particularly good for summer days on the patio enjoying the heat and rhythm of summer. Their current tagline is provocative:  “Do one thing really really

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The Feeling of Great Work

September 3, 2008

Just about 24 hours ago, I invited pretty much everyone I know to consider applying to be trainers of the Coaching for Great Work training program. The truth is, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  I was hoping to

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Can you change things without breaking?

September 2, 2008

Michael Johnson is one of the greatest athletes of his time.  His 200m win in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics was just as amazing as Ursain Bolt’s recent one in Beijing. Here he’s been interviewed about the state of UK athletics. 

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