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Twofer Tuesday: On Creativity & Daydreaming

August 29, 2017

When interviewing top achievers and game changers, I’m struck by how many of them make time to unplug. They understand and value the need to let the mind wander. Each of these Twofer articles uncovers the merits of daydreaming and

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Robert Fritz on Structural Relationships

August 24, 2017

The other day I was rereading one of my favourite books of all time, The Managerial Moment of Truth. Robert Fritz is the co-author, and he is a giant in the management field, delving into how structural relationships impact behaviour, from individuals

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My Three Best Secrets on Effective Coaching

August 23, 2017

“Coaching” isn’t a new leadership term. Chances are you’ve already come across it in some form or another. In fact, research done in 2006 by leadership development firm BlessingWhite found that 73 percent of managers had some form of coaching

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Twofer Tuesday: On Workplace Collaboration

August 22, 2017

I love working with great collaborators. It raises my game, and I like to think it gives my co-conspirators a bit of a boost as well. Stepping outside your own mental box and inviting insights and ideas from other top

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Let It Go! (Great Work Provocation)

August 14, 2017

What would happen if you gave up control, and instead helped others empower themselves? Don’t tell people what they need to do, help them to find their own answers.

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