Reader Reviews

This book is terrific. It has tons of nifty tips and tools to get people more focused on doing their best work and being intentional about where they put their efforts. Withinn hours of dipping into it I was adapting one approach for a brainstorming session i was leading. It’s inspiring, engaging and really, really practical, all at the same time. It sounds liked a cliche but it really will replace several other books on my bookshelf. I have already bought a couple of extra copies and given them away to friends and co- workers.”
Siobhan, via

I ended my reading of this book with a laser sharp focus on what I wanted to achieve in my work life. This has literally never happened to me before with a book. I actually created a chart based on my notes from the exercises the book presents. I am really glad I bought this book.@yecall READ THE COMPLETE REVIEW at

As a career coach, I’m constantly looking for the highest quality resources to recommend to my clients. This one will now be at the top of my list.”
Franklin Taggart, via

As a teacher of secondary age students, I share the messages of this book to encourage the skill /talents/knowing of my students as they plan/imagine their adult lives and career paths.”
Iba, via

This is one of the best self-coaching books I’ve come across. The book is very readable, funny and useful. The exercises are very practical, simple and revealing. I’ve shared this resources with friends and colleagues and recommend it highly to anyone that is intending to focus more on what counts…”
R. Rodden, via

This book is reader-friendly, fun to read, and filled with practical wisdom and humor. And, it’s recommended by David Allen, which is plenty for me.”
William P., via

If, as Seth Godin says, “Great work is art,” then “Do More Great Work” is a Michael Bungay Stanier masterpiece – likely the first of many. The message is simple, useful and relevant for both individuals and leaders, and the exercises are provocative yet perfectly accessible. The fun presentation makes one want to pick it up, and the powerful questions generate flashes of insight that make you not want to put it down.”
Karen W., via

I readily gravitated towards the author’s affable and precise style of writing. He takes a topic that I have found difficult to understand, presented it in a way that has allowed me to grasp, and readily apply to my own circumstances.”
Maggie B., via

Really an awesome book filled with very practical tools to find what makes you feel WOW in your professional life and how to do more of it. Filled with very effective exercises and graphics that makes you move and get where you want. Applies both to your professional and personal life. A fun book, written with Michael Bungay Stanier’s unique sense of humour. I highly recommend it.”
Marie-Claude, via

Reviews of the First Edition – Find Your Great Work

Find Your Great Work can help managers stop managing and start coaching. It strikes just the right balance between simple to use and practical – and the tools are flexible enough to work for managers and their teams in organizations both big and small.”
Terri Levine, The Guru of Coaching®, Author of Coaching is for Everyone & Stop Managing Start Coaching

If you’re looking to create a Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) where you focus on the work that generates results, then Find Your Great Work is for you. It’s a fun and practical way to get clear, stay energized and keep work from sucking.”
Cali Ressler & Jody Thompson, Co-Authors of Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It

Michael shows us how careers can be transformed from mindless mediocrity to work wanderlust where everyday is a joyous adventure of discovering meaning in what you do. He rewrites the old mantra of “hard work is fun” to “great work is fun”!”
Joyce Russell, President and COO, Adecco General Staffing USA

Find Your Great Work is the road map we all need! Bad work wastes our life, our passions, our energy, our time! Good work is OK, but you are better than that. You were put on this planet to be great! Follow Bungay Stanier’s simple yet powerful advice, and you will lead a great life through great work!”
Bill Jensen, Mr Simplicity, Author of The Simplicity Survival Handbook

Peak performance increasingly requires that you excel at playing your pluses. In a unique and practical way this book teaches you how to combine high will and skill. Read it and learn how to be the greatest… by being yourself 100%.”
Jonas Ridderstrale, Author of Funky Business

This book may be little but the idea is big. Find Your Great Work will help you think bigger about who you are and what you offer the world.”
Michael Port, Author of The Think Big Manifesto & The Contrarian Effect

Find Your Great Work is both inspiring and sublimely practical, a rare mix in a book. Michael has created a road map for all of us to find the great work in our lives, and to achieve it. There is a lot of power in the simplicity of this book. A must read.”
Leo Babauta, Author of Zen Habits & The Power of Less

Great work really does come in small packages! This little book is a dynamo of ‘great work truths.'”
Marshall Goldsmith, NYT and WSJ #1 best-selling author of What Got You There Won’t Get You Here & Succession: Are You Ready?