When’s the last time you really enjoyed a meeting?

presentation genius spreadWhile some people seem to effortlessly hold the audience’s attention, most of us struggle to engage our peers or customers to deliver fun, informative meetings, presentations or seminars. But you don’t have to be a born performer to run a session that’s got a touch of genius – you just need some handy presentation skills tips and techniques.


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108 presentation tools, tips and techniques that actually work.

Presentation Genius is designed to put an end to dull, uninspired presentations. This set of cards contains108 tools, tips and techniques about how to run better meetings, more useful presentations and workshops and training sessions that everyone enjoys.

Learn how to:

  • Understand and prepare for your audience and where their heads (and hearts) will be.
  • Manage how the room is set up and understand its impact on the group’s energy.
  • Increase your awareness of your own state of mind (anxious, excited), and learn how to manage and channel that energy.

The presentation skills cards are divided into five broad topics, levers to increase the impact and usefulness of your meetings, presentations or workshops.

  • Planning & Design: How to prepare and structure a session for most impact.
  • Visuals: How to do away with the “death by Powerpoint” approach and make your slides count (and how not to use slides at all).
  • Space: Using the physical environment to help and not hinder your presentations or meetings.
  • Facilitation: Tried and true ways to be a better facilitator to engage and manage a group.
  • Self-management: How to manage your own uncertainty and do a better job at having a stronger presentation presence in front of a group.

Each card presents an idea or teaches you a tactic that you can use right away to make your next session work in a way it never has before. Presentation Genius is flexible and can be customized to your needs. Some people pick three or four key cards that really resonate with them and use the insights to redesign their presentations and sessions. Others pick a single card to focus on to run a better meeting. And still others use the “I Ching” approach, picking a card at random as inspiration.

Presentation Genius – Guaranteed

Presentation Genius is backed by the combined experience of Michael Bungay Stanier and Mark Bowden. Having run meetings, workshops and presentations for more than 100,000 people in organizations around the world, Mark and Michael decided to capture what really works – and to share the secrets to dynamic meetings, workshops and presentations.