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The Three Questions to Start Your Revolution

February 15, 2018

This latest section of The Truth & Lies of Performance Management is now available for download. Section 2 of the report, The Three Questions to Start Your Revolution, frames the questions you’ll need to tackle if you want to start your own revolution.

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Is the Revolution Real?

February 13, 2018

Section 1, Is the Revolution Real?, is available for download today. This section explores where things are with the performance management revolution, and where your organization might be relative to others.

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Jim Knight’s One Best Question

February 5, 2018

In this episode, Jim Knight shares a powerful coaching question, aimed at helping teachers get a clear view of the current reality of their performance.

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Coming Soon in February

January 22, 2018

Launching February 26, 2018, a new podcast, Performance Management Stories, where we find out what’s really going on in the performance management revolution. Join Michael Bungay Stanier as he talks to senior leaders who are doing the hard work in their organization.

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Ruth Ann Harnisch on the Value of Coaching

January 22, 2018

Ruth Ann Harnisch is an activist, a philanthropist and a movie producer and has recently been described as the “the punk rock fairy godmother of feminism.” Tune into this lively conversation about the value of coaching, feminism, diversity and favourite questions.

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Eric Klein’s One Best Question

January 15, 2018

Michael Bungay Stanier interviews Eric Klein, author of the bestselling book, Awakening the Corporate Soul. In this podcast, he shares his one best question that resonates, has impact and brings out the best in others.

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Jim Knight on Radical Learning

January 8, 2018

From how simplicity is the key to spreading ideas to an exciting new approach to partnership coaching, tune in as Jim Knight, President of the Instructional Coaching Group, discusses how to create an impact in learning.

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