A new approach that works

Coaching for Great Work is a simple, practical approach for the time-stretched manager. It solves the challenge of why coaching in organizations isn’t working as well as it should. This comprehensive coaching program gives managers, executives and leaders the skills and capacity to provide focused, results-based coaching in 10 minutes or less. It builds focus, expands possibilities and creates accountability, all to help drive engagement and increase employee impact.

It’s rooted in real-world managerial challenges and tied to strategic objectives, so it has context and relevance. The coaching skills program hones in on simple everyday processes. Your leaders will discover three key coaching moments that are doable by all managers, not just those who are more people-oriented. And our coaching skills program understands that all managers are too busy, and shows how they can coach in 10 minutes or less.

At the end of the program, managers, executives and leaders are able to use coaching skills to:

  • Focus themselves and their team on the stuff that really matters.
  • Get (and keep) people excited, motivated and engaged.
  • Have the difficult conversations.
  • Create bigger thinking and fresh ideas.
  • Manage the overwhelm.
  • Develop a more self-sufficient team.

Coaching skills that stick

You know that “flash flood” of training rarely creates behaviour change. As well as the coaching program materials (specifically designed to avoid the fate of “filed & forgotten”), managers get comprehensive 120-day post-program support to provide “drip irrigation” after the workshop. It includes:

  • A 17-week e-course,
  • access to a comprehensive “Booster Shot”™ learning portal,
  • and the GRAFT Accountability System to ensure the coaching skills stick.

Give your time-strapped managers and leaders
a practical next-day ready coaching tool!

Coaching for Great Work Program description

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