So why do we resist the tough conversations?

Clearly, just knowing that employee feedback should be timely and useful isn’t enough to make it happen. So what’s stopping managers and leaders helping people get better at what they do so they can do the right things more effectively?

The latest brain science has something to say on the matter. On a number levels, the very act of feedback – both giving and receiving – sets off deep alarm bells. You could even argue that we are neurologically wired to avoid the whole feedback conversation.

Reimagining the whole feedback process

The Last Feedback Workshop You’ll Ever Need tackles feedback from a new angle, starting with understanding the deep resistance we have to feedback and then exploring ways to overcome and lessen that resistance.

Participants receive:

  • Comprehensive 108-day post-program support to provide “drip irrigation” after the workshop. It includes a 108-day eCourse, and access to a comprehensive “Booster Shot™” learning portal,
  • The latest findings in neuroscience – how our brains work and what that tells us about the art of management – and how understanding the deep drivers of our brain helps generate new approaches to engaging the people around us
  • Two simple, flexible and powerful feedback models, to help people turn the theory of feedback into regular practice.

Imagine your organization where managers and leaders don’t avoid the tough conversations but actually learn how to give empathetic employee feedback on a day-to-day basis in a way that’s less fraught and more useful for all concerned. If that sounds like something worthwhile, then this Last Feedback Workshop You’ll Every Need program may be for you.

Give your time-strapped managers and leaders
a practical next-day ready coaching tool!

Feedback Program

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