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Twofer Tuesday: On Leadership & Mentoring

October 10, 2017

None of us got to where we are today without help. We all look to others for guidance and example. And if we’re really lucky, we just might cross paths with a great coach or mentor who helps define the

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Twofer Tuesday: On Coaching & More Coaching

October 3, 2017

Coaching is a topic that’s near and dear to everyone here at Box of Crayons. With this week’s Twofer, I want to open your eyes to a new perspective on coaching. These two articles show how much you can gain

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Twofer Tuesday: On Making Better Decisions

September 26, 2017

Every decision we make changes outcomes. Those outcomes might be small, affecting only a given day or even just the next hour. Other times they can impact careers or the rest of our lives. And it’s not just about choosing

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What Will YOU Do Differently? Free Download!

September 26, 2017

By now you might have finished reading or listening to Do More Great Work. What happens now? How can you continue to get more out of it, or use it again and again when you need to make things happen?

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Rock Out New Ideas Quickly

September 19, 2017

My first job after university was with a creativity company. It was a pretty fantastic. I could (and did) show up wearing multiple earrings, long hair and trousers made of purple and red paisley. Now the company is the biggest

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Twofer Tuesday: On High Performance & Meditation

September 12, 2017

Remember the game of Follow the Leader? You might have played it, in your younger days, on the playground or at camp. It may seem like child’s play now, but there’s a valuable lesson to be learned from that simple

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