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Rafe Furst

Rafe Furst, Angel Investor

August 5, 2011

My guest today is Rafe Furst, whom I met at TEDActive in Palm Springs. Rafe stood up at TED and put something very interesting to the group. He said, “Look, I’m an angel investor. So I’ve got a lot of

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Michael Port

Michael Port, Book Yourself Solid

January 19, 2011

Michael Port’s an interesting guy. His big splash was with his first book, Book Yourself Solid, and as you’d guess it’s about how to build a solid, profitable client base (especially if you’re a small, service-based company). But it’s not

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Brenda Zimmerman, Getting to Maybe

November 26, 2010

How do we change the world? How do we make the impossible happen? These are the questions addressed by Brenda Zimmerman, associate professor at the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, a partner at Change-Ability and co-author

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Jeffrey Ford

Jeffrey Ford, Organizational Change that Works

October 2, 2010

Here’s a pretty dismal statistic: 70% of organizational change fails to meet the target. So what’s the secret to making change happen in organizations? Jeffrey Ford, tackles this issue in his excellent book, The Four Conversations: Daily Communication that Gets

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Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly, The Dream Manager

August 18, 2010

Matthew Kelly is a fellow Australian based in North America. More importantly, Matthew Kelly is a real force for change in the world of great work and following your dreams. In his 12 books, his consulting work and speaking work

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Michael Port

Michael Port, Think Big Manifesto

February 11, 2010

Michael Port is a best-selling business author.  His first book, Book Yourself Solid was on the best seller lists for months, and this week he’s publishing his latest, The Think Big Manifesto.  Its subtitle says it all:  “Think you can’t

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David Allen

David Allen, Getting Things Done

March 19, 2009

David Allen wears the title “business guru” lightly. He’s well known around the world for his first book Getting Things Done (recently acclaimed one of the top 100 business books) and for his most recent Making it All Work. But

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