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How to achieve the impossible

Henrik Edberg’s Positivity Blog is a great resource for shaping a life that enables Great Work.

In this recent article, Henrik looks at the success of Michael Phelps and asks:  What can we learn from this extraordinary achievement?

The answer isn’t about swimming a lot, it’s much more than that.

Henrik suggests five different factors that helped Phelps achieve the near-impossible tasks of eight gold medals (and seven world records) at the Olympics.

All of his points are good ones – and I think the final one:

“Be careful with inflating your ego or identifying too strongly with your success”

… is a particularly interesting and subtle one.

In cycling, you draft of the leader to save energy and keep you near the front.  This is an opportunity to draft of the focus and success of Michael Phelps for the sake of your own Great Work.

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