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7 Responses to Are you seeking validation?

  • Judy

    I always look forward to your daily emails. This one was so great – thanks for making my day!

  • Mari

    This was so amazing. I left shortly after watching and when I stopped in for my morning Starbuck’s, I was still smiling. The manager came out and said I got mine free today because I always come in with a smile and patience. I was absolutely stunned! See what happens when you get a little validation and smile?

  • Rachel Prosser

    Hi Michael -this is great. 2 or 3 years ago the World Champion of Public Speaking, at The Toastmasters Annual Conference, did a speech along the same lines. Not sure who was first to the idea.

  • Rhonda

    That was the best flick I have seen in a long time! What a great message!! Thanks so much! I am definitely sharing this one. :):):)

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  • Poma

    You know, I’ve seen this video a few times before from friends and still couldn’t resist watching it again. However, partway through, I had to pause the video.

    A fellow graduate student is going through many difficult decisions right now: PhD vs. Master’s, to drop a class at the end of the semester or not, to switch research groups or not. We just spent an amazing 1/2 an hour organizing a plan of action, a list of people she can get advice from, of ways to gain confidence, of acknowledging how much she’s already achieved by coming from France to learn in the US.

    Our conversation had nothing to do with me. But I was elemental in its occurrence. And now my friend feels better, has a plan, looks confident, and best of all, is happy with where she is and where she’s going.

    I couldn’t ask for better personal validation.

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