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David Galenson, Investigating Genius

David GalensonIs there only one type of genius? Is there only one way to be creative? David Galenson, Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago says no. David is the author of the influential book Old Masters and Young Geniuses (quoted by Malcolm Gladwell and Dan Pink, amongst others). He investigates two ways in which genius (or Great Work) comes into play: a Picasso-esque way, where genius bursts immediately into bloom; and a Cezanne-esqe way, where genius is found incrementally, step by step.

Listen to my interview with David Galenson.

0:16 Michael introduces David Galenson

0:33 David’s book Old Masters and Young Geniuses: The Two Life Cycles of Artistic Creativity

6:08 The conceptual innovator versus the experimental innovator

16:21 David’s Great Work now

17:08 How to find out more about David Galenson

18:01 Michael closes the interview

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