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Marc Kielburger, Me to We

Marc KielburgerIn my twenties in particular, I remember thinking to myself: If only I was a little older, wiser, better connected … then, then I could really do something that matters. In fact, most of us are pretty great at coming up with one reason or another why now isn’t the perfect time to do Great Work.

Marc Kielburger puts that reasoning to shame. He is the CEO of Free the Children, the world’s largest network of children helping children through education (nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize), as well as being the co-founder and chief executive of Me to We, a sister organization to Free the Children also focused on social initiative. He’s written a NY Times best seller, won a Rhodes Scholarship, was one of Canada’s ‘Top Forty Under Forty’ and got a law degree from Harvard.  And all before he’s 40.

To top it off, he’s a really lovely guy. (It would be so much easier if he wasn’t, wouldn’t it?)

In this conversation we turn the notion of “self-development” on its head, the importance of community and connection and how a single question from a member of parliament changed Marc’s life forever. We also make the connection between doing good and being happy.  A contribution to a bigger cause isn’t just about being noble.  It’s actually a way to live a life of great fulfillment.

Listen to my interview with Marc Kielburger.

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