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Five ways email is killing you

I was going to repackage this terrific article from PsyBlog, but then I figured – why bother? They’ve written a compelling article that sets out the ways in which email lessens our impact in the world, rather than supports it.

They actually set out ten reasons – I figure you can pick the reasons that resonate most for you.

Me? I pick #1, #2, #3, #4 and #6.

How about you. Email me your five. On second thoughts, just put them in the comments box.

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8 Responses to Five ways email is killing you

  • Bill Richardson

    They all resonate with me. I do like the priority box that google mail just added.

  • Lisa

    This was a great list- I sent it to a number of people I work with, especially points #6-8 demonstrating that email does NOT work well for emotional communication. I am forever emphasizing this with clients, notably those in their 20s-30s, but maybe this study will have more impact.

    And I don’t like the priority box in Gmail – I’d rather sort my own email – but that’s for another discussion!

  • Sarah Fraser

    Great article! Attention spans seem to be getting shorter and shorter and constant email-checking seems to be contributing to that (or maybe it’s a symptom of it). I guess some people would pride their ability to multi-task – to be working on one task and keeping an eye on email at the same time, but it seems to me like it compromises the effectiveness of both the task you’re working on and the email you’re reading/writing, not to mention the time suck of having your thought-processes constantly switching from one thing to the other. talk about stress-inducing!

  • Annie Stith

    Oy. Definitely #1. And I’m a #5 (relaxed) ‘cuz even tho it’s always overflowing, I can ignore my inbox. And #6 for sure.

    That’s it. I guess I don’t get into email much, except for senders I’ve given a special tone to.


  • Scott

    I was right there with you… 1,2,3,4,6 – and my dad is a chronic ‘forwarder’ – which adds to my guilt of deleting.

    Time for a break.

  • Karen Leslie

    Strangely enough I was going through loads of email to delete them and see where I can convert them to RSS feeds that I check less often than email. As I was doing this I saw this post and read the article about emails.

    Although I haven’t checked email from the bathroom (yet 🙂 ) I do feel stressed by the number of unread emails I have which is why I started this clean out today.

    #3 and #4 Definitely resonate since I’ve realised myself how long it takes to get back to what I was working on….

    Thanks for sharing this article and now I’ll go back to cleaning out my inbox and setting up your RSS feed so that I can follow you that way!


  • Betty

    I decided to switch off e-mail for some parts of the day, especially when I need to concentrate on something important – it really helps me to complete my tasks and I get more job done in shorter time.

  • shana

    interesting list – particularly #6 & #8. something i didn’t see there (unless i missed it?) – lack of responsiveness. e.g. e-mail 3 quick questions and the person only responds to 1 question. then more time is expended on writing again, etc…sometimes it just takes too many back & forth messages. time zap. would have been easier/faster to have a 5 minute phone conversation!

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