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Rich Litvin, That Confidence Guy

A little while ago I got a phone call from someone who said “I’m talking to interesting, confident people. It’s what I do.” And that’s how I met Rich Litvin, that Confidence Guy.

Rich is a coach with clients all across the world, and he helps them achieve inspirational results, create passionate relationships, and build wealth doing what they love. Now, that’s not a bad definition of Great Work.

Rich coaches execs in Fortune 500 companies. He proposed to his wife ten days after he met her, and they spent an entire year traveling the world together. He was the CEO of an international coaching organization and he resigned that spot when he realized he wasn’t doing what he loved. He is carving out his own path in the world and inspiring others to find their own confidence.

In this interview Rich and I talk about:

  • Losing his job 5 years ago and feeling stunned, humiliated and then excited to re-design his life
  • How Rich’s coaching career started with a deck of cards on a beach in Thailand
  • “I’ll-be-happy-when-this-happens” goals vs. Breakthrough goals
  • The art of becoming confident: Just do it.
  • Playing the “no” game: collecting 1000 no’s until you get that yes.

Visit Rich’s website at

Listen to my interview with Rich Litvin.

3 Responses to Rich Litvin, That Confidence Guy

  • Jenny

    Where did you get the deck of cards you were using on the beach?

    Did you create this deck yourself?

    Can this deck of cards be purchased? How much and where from?

    • Michael Bungay Stanier


      I’d suggest you approach Rich directly with your questions.


    • Ali

      I think is called NLP Coaching Card or Salad cards or something like that. You can check on Google.
      He mentions in another interview I think.

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