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Suzi Pomerantz, Innovative Leadership International

I came across Suzi Pomerantz two years ago when I got a copy of her book Seal the Deal, which is a terrific book for teaching the basic sales process for professional service businesses.
Suzi is a Master Certified Coach (which is the cream of the crop in the coaching world) and the founder of Innovative Leadership International. She has experience coaching lawyers and executives in the highest level of Fortune 500 companies. She’s also a mom of two little ones and a self-professed goofball and Twitter addict.

In this interview, Suzi and I have a great chat about what it takes to flourish in organizations:

  • Scheduling time for Twitter so it doesn’t consume your whole life
  • Suzi’s unconventional career search: interviewing 150 people over 6 months to figure out the next steps in her career
  • The connection between fear, excitement and great work
  • Creating stories that align with the results you want
  • Suzi’s firm belief that anyone at any time in any organization can do Great Work (so no more excuses!)

You can check out Suzi’s website and read her blog at

Listen to my interview with Suzi Pomerantz.

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