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Jessica Hagy,

The problem with the internet is there are a gazillion blogs filled with information, but most of it is underwhelming. But an absolute gem, and one of my top three favorite sites ever on the internet is, which is curated and contributed to by Jessica Hagy.

This Is Indexed is a series of playful and insightful Venn diagrams that are sketched on the back of an index card. Jessica’s brain works in wild and mysterious ways, and each day the cartoons point to the absurdities and hilarity of life.

Jessica and I talk about:

  • Her journey from a Victoria’s Secret copywriter to a full time cartoonist:
  • How she started her free blog on Blogspot and had a huge readership and a literary agent within weeks
  • Her creative process: cartooning on topics from horror movies to oil spills to psychopaths
  • The editing process: deciding on what makes it to the final scanner
  • The importance of clear visual communication in our everyday lives, from doorknobs to cartoons

Visit to see Jessica’s cerebral masterpieces and find her on Twitter @jessicahagy.

Listen to my interview with Jessica Hagy

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