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Mike Pantalon, Instant Influence

Today I’m talking to Dr. Mike Pantalon, a motivational coach, consultant, speaker, psychologist and research scientist at the Yale School of Medicine.

His book Instant Influence is about using motivational interviewing to connect and influence people. He has taught the “six steps to instant influence” to businesses and non-profits around the world, and says they are proven to succeed in less than seven minutes. He wrote the book after 20 years of using these techniques to help everyone from probation officers to parents – everyone who wants to influence people more effectively.

Dr. Pantalon and I run through the 6 steps, using me as an example, and we talk about:

  • The very first thing you tell the person you’re trying to influence so they won’t be resistant or defensive
  • The dead man’s rule of behavior change
  • How to handle people who are resistant to change

Find out more about Instant Influence at and follow Dr. Pantalon on Twitter @michaelpantalon

Listen to my interview with Dr. Mike Pantalon.

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