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How to launch a successful project: What I learned “at the speed of Seth”

You may have noticed that I published a book the other week. (If not, you really weren’t paying attention.)

It was quite the ride, and it worked out pretty well: we hit #2 on, and (more importantly) have raised more than $250,000 for Malaria No More.

I’m conscious that, as a teacher and a facilitator, the “a-ha!” always shows up in the debrief. You don’t learn by doing it, you learn by asking “what just happened?” after you’ve done it.

That’s what I did with launching End Malaria, and the result was this manifesto: At the Speed of Seth.

In the manifesto I share some of the key lessons learned from working with Maestro Godin and what helped the book succeed. If you’re curious about productivity, increasing impact, leadership and self-management, it’s all there.

It’s part of the wonderful series done by 800-CEO-Reads at  (I wrote another manifesto for them on Great Work.) If you haven’t subscribed to their free service, you really should.

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