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Dan Roam, Blah Blah Blah

Today we’re talking with a true champion of simplicity in our complex organizational lives. Dan Roam was the kid that got in trouble with his teachers because he spent all of his time drawing pictures in class. And 30 years later, he’s the author of the bestseller, The Back of a Napkin about solving problems and selling ideas with pictures.
Dan has recently published a fantastic new book, Blah, Blah, Blah: What to Do When Words Don’t Work. It’s chock full of new insights, tools and models to get to simplicity and transcend the curse of talking too much.

Dan and I discuss:

  • The hummingbird and the fox: how these feisty animals represent our visual and verbal minds
  • The 32,000 year history of how we moved from being visual and verbal to almost exclusively verbal
  • Why it’s impossible to describe a complex situation like the Greek debt crisis in words
  • And why your organization needs a Chief Simplicity Officer

Visit to find out more and watch videos for his latest book.

Listen to my interview with Dan Roam.


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  • jeff keup

    Michael: The idea of a CSO often reminds me of the saying, “less is more,” by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe. There has to be a simpler way of living, like 40 years ago, when each house had only 1 phone, 1 television, and maybe 2 radios…

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