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Practical Coaching Series: Fierce Love

You might be a busy manager, an aspiring leader, a professional coach, a solopreneur, a parent – and maybe all of the above.

Some of us actively coach and some of us accidentally coach.

But all of us serve those who are in our lives.

Getting clear and becoming mindful about how you want to serve is a powerful foundation for success.

Fierce Love

This is what rings most true for me at the moment, a mantra of service.

Fierce reminds me not to get too comfortable in the conversation we’re having.
To push myself to be as bold, as courageous and as vulnerable as I can when I engage.

Love reminds me that I want to fully champion that person, help them on the journey to be the best version of themselves that they can, regardless of what we’re working on.

And you? How would you describe the way you want to be of service to those around you?

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7 Responses to Practical Coaching Series: Fierce Love

  • FJR

    What you write here reflects my view of life exactly. This seldom happens- that I read something somewhere that fits my perspective like a glove. Normally some of a message resonates and some not.

  • Jeffrey Davis

    Michael~Thanks for the reminder and question. I like what you say about fierce. Actually, your “fierce love” mirrors my “vigilant compassion.” Vigilant – to hold vigil; to keep the light on for others in the dark; to be diligent and unwavering. Compassion – to feel the pain point as my own and muster the wit, heart, and sweat to act authentically. This is how I aspire to serve my clients, collaborators, and project partners – and it’s how I aspire to serve my best self. Cheers, Jeffrey

  • Rob

    Really nice, Michael.

    ‘Fierce Love’ really does sum up and resonate for me how I approach my work and my life.

    What’s particularly nice about it is that it betters the ‘tough love’ expression that is sometimes used closely with ‘being cruel to be kind.’

    Fierce means to me challenging in a positive and pioneering way – in a way that is tenacious – persistent – being unsatisfied with any outcome that is short of creating great work (rather than just good work.)

    Not so much not settling for second best as for being almost obsessed for finding true excellence – helping those be the very best one can be.

    Fierce has a healthy sense of urgency about it too.

    Great stuff.

  • RitaCrowe

    Michael, the perfect combination for coaching! Reminds me how vital it is to have a good balance of the two: FIERCE, to provide the necessary challenge, and LOVE, to support all of the effort and progress. Thanks!

  • Angela Neumann

    Hearing the words fierce and love in one sentence reminds me of a quote from my Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, that has always served me as a guide to know when I need to be gentle with someone and when I have to find the courage to challenge a person: “In matters of righteousness the Yogi is fierce like a thunderstorm. In matters of love the Yogi is soft as a rose petal”.

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