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Julien Smith, The Flinch

Julien Smith is one of my all-time heroes. You take a dash of Seth Godin, a dash of Steven Pressfield and a dash of tequila and mix it all up and you get the provocative, dynamo Julien Smith. He’s the bestselling author of Trust Agents with Chris Brogan and The Flinch which has sold 100,000+ copies and has been described as the complete opposite of “Who Moved my Cheese?”, which is a great claim to fame in my book. Julien’s work is about breaking patterns and creating remarkable positive changes in your life. He says that everything is easy because we have all of the information in the world at our fingertips, so our only limitations are emotional ones. We have an eclectic chat about:

  • Breaking patterns, setting fire to yourself, and getting a kick in the pants – how to do it and why it’s important
  • Creating a benevolent cult of transformative homework
  • How to stop reading the same types of books over and over and become as smart as Plato
  • Using iPhone apps to get comfortable with rejection

Visit Julien’s blog at

Listen to my interview with Julien Smith.

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  • Deborah

    Quite provocative! I shall have to check out the “” link, dive into the deep end, as it were, and swim backwards, I presume.

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