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The Art of Being a Lazy Coach: The Debrief

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There are many good definitions of coaching out in the world, and I’ll add mine to the mix:

insight =>
increased awareness about self & situation =>
behaviour change =>
increased impact

It all starts with insight.

And sadly, it’s all too easy to miss the insight you may have just had in a coaching conversation.

That’s where the debrief questions work so well.

Because people learn not when they are told something and not even when they practice something.

People learn by reflecting on what just happened.

That’s why the debrief moment is so powerful as a coaching tool. It creates these critical learning moments.

Here are two of our favourite debriefing questions that we teach in The Coaching Habit.

What was most useful?

What was most valuable?

What about you? What questions do you find useful for reflection?

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