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One Billion Heartbeats

About three years ago, I wrote a piece called “How Many Day Do You Have Left?” In it, I talked about how all creatures are born with about a billion heartbeats to spare. In fact, my own (not so) imminent demise was predicted to be September 15, 2043. (You can calculate what your own number is by following the instructions in this article by Kevin Kelly.) The point of this exercise was to gain clarity around what is important to you in your life to focus on your Great Work.

Fast forward to 2012, and just the other day I received a lovely note from Andy Cope saying this post had inspired him to create a short story based on this post. Well, how awesome is that? Andy, who is the founder of Art of Brilliance, describes himself as a “professional trainer, qualified teacher, author and learning junkie”. A gifted storyteller, Andy is also the best-selling author of the children’s ‘Spy Dog’ and ‘Spy Pups’ series (aimed at 7+). The series has sold almost a million copies worldwide.

You can view Andy’s take on my post here.

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