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How do you remember what really matters? (Here’s my new tool)

There’s all sorts of ways to “come back to the centre” and remember who you really are and what really matters.

A list of your values, a statement of your Great Work Project, a trusted group of colleagues and friends, the discipline to not vanish down the email rabbit hole at the start of each day or each week and reconnect with the big picture…

And speaking of pictures, here’s my new tool: A Dharma Doodle from my friend Eric Klein. You might call it a visual mantra, a way to reconnect with what I do and why I do it.

2013-2 Dharm Doodle from Eric Klein copy

How awesome is that multi-coloured Great Work bubble? Eric sends out a regular Dharma Doodle via his blog on Fridays, and you can download a 2013 calendar for free right here.

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