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How to Build Rock Solid Habits (Part 1)

There’s never been smarter information out there on how to build better, stronger, rock solid habits. In this short video I’m using monkeys, zombies, an egg and a Canadian beaver to share two key insights on how to build a better habit.

Resource list:
– Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit
– BJ Fogg, Tiny Habits

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11 Responses to How to Build Rock Solid Habits (Part 1)

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  • Rebecca Baltrusch

    Might be nice if you used a white board. Same ideas, but less sheets of paper tossed after five scribbles. Not sure if that will work for this or not, but something to consider.

  • John Lightfoot

    Great Video, the fact I did not think “how much longer is this going on” was testament to the fact it delivered it’s message well. In addition to being entertaining it also delivered a great advice. In terms of speech speed – absolutely spot not too fast or too slow.

  • brenda jorgensen

    Enjoyed the vid, cheers for sharing, such great and yet simple ideas, some old habits I have been trying to quit , am going to start your 60 second idea, re quite a few things. Thanks for sharing… blj

  • Alan Jackson

    Brilliant, easy, & fun. Great production! I was eager to get to the next vid! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Garry Schleifer

    Awesome. Love the pad usage which is similar to the napkin you are know for!
    Of course I also learned a couple of great tricks about habits which I will use today. Garry

  • Suzi Pomerantz

    Fabulosity, Michael! Excellent content, excellent delivery, excellent pace. I love the 60 second idea! That takes the pressure off. Great work.

  • Kymble

    Intelligent, creative, practical (use of items around the home), fun and informative! What’s not to love! And I’m betting you had fun doing it! Well done…love your stuff Michael.

  • Lori

    I love what you do, Michael! You take multilayered concepts, connect the dots, and present them in an accessible way. I found this video useful and entertaining to unpack the rather complex matter of habit shifting.

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